Support a friend with just the right quote! Send quotes as daily text messages, for a week, or month, automatically.

Have you ever wished that you had a way to remind your friends and family how much you believe in them? Now you can, and it will run automatically! Click on the "Send Now!" button below and select just the right set of quotes to send.

Daily Support and Encouragement, on their Phone

Don't just send a greeting card -- send something that will last! EmpowerText is an excellent gift for any occasion. Daily messages can be especially helpful in challenging life situations, including:

  • new job or lost job
  • romantic breakup
  • bad day
  • multiple stressors
  • any life transition
  • struggling with self-confidence
  • can't catch a break
  • discouragement
  • need a little boost
  • just because...

Empowerment: One Text at a Time

There are times when we all need a little reminder that we can do it – that we have what it takes! EmpowerText provides a way to not only receive such reminders yourself, but also to share them with important people in your life.

Health is about the mind-body connection. The way we think affects how we feel both emotionally and physically. Fortunately, we choose what and how we think.

Powerful quotes can be tools we use in taking care of ourselves. When you are feeling pulled in all different directions, a meaningful quote can help you stop, reflect, and re-center.

EmpowerText offers encouragement and support in the form of daily, automatic text messages containing carefully selected empowering quotes. You can review the quote series options and choose just the right set for you, or for a loved one. You even have the option of purchasing a series for a friend and then receiving the same set yourself for no extra cost! Share the experience of daily empowerment with an important person in your life.

Take this opportunity to tell a friend "I believe in you". Receiving a series of such messages can have a powerful effect.